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5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts


There are a lot of ideas for baby showers on the market now. The next time you are invited to a baby shower, get a nice and useful gift that parents didn’t even know they needed:

1) A maternity photo shoot

This is a special time for a couple and the best way to remember is having a maternity photo shoot to keep these memories alive.

Erika Gallegos is the perfect photographer to capture these moments that are so special to you and your family.

2) Baby blanket:

You can never go wrong with a baby blanket! All new mothers will need several baby blankets in order to keep their baby warm. One of my favourite pieces is the Otomi baby spread from Otomi México. It is perfectly sized and there is 100% cotton with original designs.

3) Stylish Diaper Bag

If you have a baby shower coming up this diaper bag would make the most amazing gift. This Isabelle changing bag from Beau has all the best features : large capacity, easy to wipe clean, lightweight and stylish handbag.

4) Baby books

Did you know that reading from birth is essential for healthy development? If you are planning to teach your language to your children, the best way is to start reading in your own language.

I bought some interesting Spanish books, but my favourite is " Pequeña Jungla ". But you can also find other different children's books in Spanish, Italian or French at Serendipity.

5) Box with mum's favourite things.

If you are unsure what the mother may need, consider preparing a box of the mum's favourite things like candles, handmade soaps, bath salts, and small gifts for the baby. I love the selection of unique gift boxes from BABA Box.


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