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What is the day of the dead in México?

Day of the Dead, also known as " Día de Muertos ", is a traditional celebration in México. We remember and honor our deceased family and friends.

The traditions vary by region in México. But normally people create ofrendas which are altars with fruits, drinks, pan de muerto, candles, sugar skulls, papel picado, pictures and flowers.

On November 1, or Día de los Inocentes, we welcome the spirits of deceased children. November 2, is for deceased adults. There's a belief that during these days, those who have passed away come back to the world of the living and enjoy all of the food and drinks their loved ones prepared for them.

During the days of the dead, families often take the opportunity to visit and decorate the graves of loved ones. The cemetery, grave sites are decorated with Cempasúchil, or flor de muerto.

Regardless of religious beliefs, the altar continues to be a beautiful tradition to honor and celebrate the life of loved ones who have departed this earth.

Altar Day of the dead for Frida Khalo
Frida Kahlo “Day of the Dead” mini altar.

How to make an altar for day of the dead ?

Here are common items you can find on an altar in México.

Altar elements for day the dead in mexico

Have a look at our special items for your Mexican Altar.

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