About Otomí México

OTOMI MEXICO sells Mexican textiles, and crafts such as Otomí embroidered home decoration accessories, fashion clothes, homewares and handbags in the United States, Europe and worldwide.

We design and sell fairly traded, ethical and handmade Mexican products made with love. 

Our commitment is to offer the highest quality and unique Mexican crafts.  

We are a Mexican family that are work together with local artisans all across Mexico to create and promote their handcrafts internationally. 

By purchasing handmade products, you are helping local artisans to obtain an income for their families, helping to improve their quality of life and at the same time to maintain alive this beautiful Otomi tradition.

Thank you to buy our products!


Our Ethical Criteria:



Our products:

  • Otomi Fabric

  • Mexican Clothing

  • Beach Handbags

  • Otomi Pillow

  • Table Runners

  • Otomi coasters

  • Otomi Placemats

  • Bed Runners

  • Throws / Blankets

  • Ethical cltohing

  • Rebozos

  • Mexican tablecloth

  • Guayaberas

  • Scarfs

  • Mexican home decorations

  • Mexican embroidered blouses

  • Girls Mexican dress 

  • Mexican dresses for girls

  • Mexican embroidered dresses

  • Baby Mexican Dress

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